The Best Universities Where You Can Study Abroad in Africa

Africa is a developing continent that attracts interest and investments. Conferences and events in higher education take place in countries of Africa while the African researchers begin to be involved in international projects. The second largest and most populous continent of the world benefits from access to plenty of academic publications for science that are especially delivered to developing countries by Inasp organization.

There are around ten million university enrolments in Africa and circa 1,500 public and private universities. The number of students who apply for degree courses in African universities is growing, as well as the public investment in the field of higher education.

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Even though there is a significant number of Africans who choose to study abroad, the continent can also be a destination for international students. The higher education systems are expanding and the large continent has high chances to offer you a complete experience, beyond the barriers of study. The best higher education institutions that Africa has to offer in 2019.

Here are the best universities on the African continent according to QS Rankings:

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Higher education has support from the Association of African Universities, which focuses on strengthening the institutions – industry link, the ACU Graduate Employment for PhD degree holders and the British Council’s Africa Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme that focuses on the industry. The 26 public universities of South Africa are members of a national organisation that offers them support, as well as promotion.

You can find many English programmes in the continent of English, French, Arabic and other about 3,000 languages. If you are attracted by the exotic and atypical territories of Africa, you should look through the best African universities in 2019 ranking that Times Higher Education has developed. The top is developed based on the same criteria as the World University Rankings.

There is diversity among the universities of Africa since some of them have a heritage of over 100 years, such as the University of Kwazulu-Natal, others are rich in scholarships like the Suez Canal University or are pioneers in innovation, such as Alexandria University. Makerere University defines itself as “a reservoir of the country’s intellectual elite with the obligation to champion social, political and economic change in society”, according to its website.

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South Africa has the most visible presence in the ranking while the University of Cape Town stands out as having more postgraduate students that Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders. However, this ranking is just a recommendation, so you can freely apply for your university and programme of choice, regardless of its location.

Check out more up-to-date rankings from World University Ranking 2019 and Shanghai Ranking 2018. Also here are some student reviews for some of these universities:

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