Why Should I Study a Pre-MBA in 2020?

Are you dreaming of taking an MBA abroad to get the management education you need for your successful career plans? Whether you're coming from a country with a different education system, or you don't exactly match the requirements of your dream MBA abroad, a pre-MBA programme is the perfect preparation course to help match your ambitious goals. Keep dreaming big and don't make compromises when it comes to your future!

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Here's some key information covered in this article to help you decide if a pre-MBA is the right next step for you:

  • What exactly is a pre-MBA?
  • Who is the target audience of pre-MBAs?
  • Pre-MBAs as great introductions for MBA degrees
  • Great business study tools gained during a pre-MBA
  • Adapting to business classes
  • Student support offered by pre-MBAs
  • Developing language skills with a pre-MBA
  • Finding the right pre-MBA abroad

What is a pre-MBA?

Pre-MBA programs are foundation degrees or preparation courses designed to meet the needs of international students starting an MBA at a university abroad. Pre-MBAs provide a basic introduction to understanding key concepts for future MBA students with limited education or experience in management. MBA candidates are prepared for understanding basic business concepts and practices gaining key skills for their future studies and career.

Graduating a good MBA abroad is a challenge you should not underestimate, and a pre-MBA offers you the right tools to meet this challenge.

Who are pre-MBAs for?

Pre-MBAs are created for MBA candidates with a non-commercial background. This way, students can get essential exposure to basic management and economics principles, or refresh other important knowledge they’re still unsure of.

Main work backgrounds who can benefit from a pre-MBA include:

  • Teaching
  • Military service
  • Sports
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Medicine

International students benefit a lot from a pre-MBA experience, as this is a great opportunity for them to get accustomed to the climate of their host country and start their graduate business study experience with full confidence.

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Pre-MBAs are great introductions to MBA studies

Meeting MBA entry requirements does not guarantee that the learning curve for your business studies will not be a steep one. While basic introductions are available during your MBA classes, it’s likely teachers will expect you to learn as you go, and not focus enough on the basic concepts. It’s also difficult for them to cover all the needs of their class students, especially of those who don’t have a lot of previous experience of management.

A pre-MBA offers this knowledge in advance and helps you jump to the core of your MBA studies, without getting overwhelmed. Don’t just rely on the skills you have picked along the way. A pre-MBA gives you a specific set of tools that target exactly the right problems you’ll need to overcome.

What are the main benefits of a pre-MBA?

The obvious advantage of taking a pre-MBA preparation programme is that you’ll fill the gap between your previous studies and your business Master, making sure you start your degree from equal or even with an advantage over your colleagues.

Here are 5 more top advantages you should consider:

1. Creating an extensive set of practical skills
  • Synthesize and analyse information - Learning quickly and effectively, going through large amounts of information
  • Strong writing following academic rules and standards
  • Business research skills while providing access to relevant information and statistics
  • The right tools to organise and analyse data – Office tools, online financial data platforms, business news and industry developments
  • Other important practical knowledge like learning how to fill in income statements, balance sheets, or statements of cash flow, and more

The end result is that MBA orientation programs work well to provide an introductory or refresher course function for new students on a limited set of key topics – such as quant skills and statistical analysis – but most are not of sufficient scope or duration to fundamentally alter disparities in students’ relative levels of preparedness.

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2. Developing the right class behaviour

In addition to knowing how to use practical tools for your business homework, you’ll also need to perfect your in-class communication. As an international student, you may come from a different cultural context, unaccustomed to how an MBA class takes place in the USA, UK, or other parts of Europe.

Learn critical debate skills, professional networking techniques and other techniques for successful social interactions. These will prove very useful during class interactions, group work, and other assignments and social activities. MBA teaching relies heavily on class projects and interaction, and the right pre-MBA training will result in high grades in no time.

3. Adapting to the local cultural environment

This will help you both during your studies, but also as a future business professional. Knowing how to react and adapt to the cultural environment where you manage your company will ensure you’ll always be one step ahead in terms of your clients’ needs and expectations. Not to mention that in order to build long lasting business relations understanding how locals think is crucial.

4. Strong advice and support

A good pre-MBA programme will offer students strong advising support in addition to developing student skills. This includes both advise related to what to expect during an MBA programme, but also on how to find the right MBA for yourself. Experienced international teaching professionals can help students clarify student career goals as well as with preparing strong MBA application packages. Keep an eye out for financial support offered by some business schools to students undertaking a pre-MBA provided by their institution.

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5. Advanced English language skills

Finally, another major component of your pre-MBA preparation process is developing English skills that will help you put your academic and communication skills into action. Just like most international foundation programmes, a pre-MBA helps you meet university English entry requirements as well as a focused business-specific vocabulary.

This complete set of study benefits is a perfect start on your way to becoming a skilled global manager ready to meet the toughest business demands.

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How to find a good pre-MBA course?

You can find quality pre-MBAs in most international business schools providing MBA studies. If you have your heart set on a specific business school, or if you’ve already been admitted, it’s very likely you’ll find pre-MBA study options in the same institution. Just ask the school for help. These include great destinations for business education such as the USA, the UK, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and many more.

Don’t overlook the possibility of finding good online pre-MBAs, with equally engaging and relevant classes.

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