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Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia: Study Experience of Reza

Reza is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Mechatronics at the Tallinn University of Technology. He found the programme and enrolled via Studyportals. We asked Reza about his experience of searching and applying to a university abroad.

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About myself

My name is Reza Moezzi, I am 28 years old and I’m from Iran. I had studied Mechanical engineering for my Bachelor's. I became interested in Mechatronics studies and I applied for this programme, so I’m studying Master programme of Mechatronics at the Tallinn University of Technology.

I wanted to expand my knowledge, I had decided to study in English programme, I had intended to live in a quiet place (Even just for some years, Because I was living in Tehran, very noisy and populated city), I wanted to feel different, and so on But I believe that the most important reason that I’ve decided to do it, was/Is “I wanted to change my life”.

If I want to explain the priorities that I had considered for my programme and university, definitely I considered all of them which you’ve mentioned in your question, but the important priorities were: English programme, specific programme as my interesting(Mechatronics), university ranking, living cost, culture, facilities, a country with low density of population.

Honestly, I just had applied for this programme and fortunately I got acceptance.

No, I didn’t know anything about this (at that moment, I didn’t know where Estonia was located), about the reason that I chose this particular country as I mentioned before I liked and like the quiet places with less population and unique culture.(because as I searched about this country, I realized that Estonian culture belongs to the both sides, West and East and makes it unique for me and when I came here I saw it obviously).

Here I’m very thankful to you and your great site because it provided for me a lot of useful and categorized information that made me decide more easier.I recall that I was using your left toolbar on the site, for more than 500 times to search and achieve my suitable destination for continue of my study.I took an IELTS test and I saw it more reasonable particularly in speaking section, because I had to speak with one real examiner instead of computer(method that is using in TOEFL) for example I had asked myself “if I want to take TOEFL exam and during the speaking part, I start a cough unexpectedly, so what will happen?!! I will lose its scores!!”

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I recommend to students from everywhere not specific from my country, to consider all of the issues that they could face with it during the study such as accommodation, Tuition fee, living cost, climate, culture. But the most important advice to them is “Don’t be afraid from study abroad, it’s like a fabulous and adventure trip. Pursue your real goals everywhere”.Fortunately my study here is free of charge and I don’t have to pay tuition fee but I should study as Full-Load.(it means 30 ETC in every semester) About the living cost, there are some projects that students could involve with them to cover their expenses. As an advice I can tell them who wants to apply for abroad, please choose a programme depends on your financial situation, ask directly from universities about some opportunity and don’t forget to use Mastersportal’s toolbar for “Refine Search!I recommend the Tallinn University of Technology for who wants to study in Technical subjects because you can find facilities that every engineer and scientist needs, with professional teachers, lecturers, and many international students. I rate my experience 10!If I could do it over again for this educational level (I mean Master degree) there is not any difference, but if I could return to 7 years ago I like to start my study from the bachelor in abroad university!I think that the biggest surprise and astonishment in an adventure of study abroad is becoming familiar with the different country, different language, different culture and people; and consequently is, expanding the experience, as the Julius Cesar said: “Experience is the teacher of all things”.
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