How Foundation Degrees Can Help You Change Your Career

The pathway to a successful career is both demanding and highly rewarding. You enrol into a university degree course and develop towards a career. Most students succeed and go on to enjoy their Bachelor’s degree experience. But what happens if the career track you’ve chosen turns out not to fit you as well as you initially imagined? Maybe you find out that you are not as passionate about the subjects as you thought, or that you have found a totally different passion you’d much rather develop.

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Changing career tracks is a big and important step for your future, which takes a lot of courage. It’s important to admit to yourself what you really want from your future professional life. Don’t be afraid to focus on your dream and work to turn it into reality! Since you’ve managed to get this far, we offer you the solution to make the best plan for a career change: a foundation degree that will introduce you to any new subject you wish to pursue.

Foundation degrees offered by universities abroad can be the perfect solution for choosing a new career path. Also known as preparation courses in other areas but the UK, foundation programmes are university pathway courses which provide detailed introductions to certain types of Bachelor's degrees.

How a foundation degree can help restart your career

The first step you should take towards your new career is the right education. The foundation degree is a university-level qualification course that quickly introduces you to the practical side of your academic field.

Foundation degree courses may turn out to be a suitable option especially if you wish to study in some of the top universities in the UK. Foundation courses are affordable, efficient and flexible, ideal for your new Bachelor preparation.

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While some students only take a pathway programme to “try out” another side of the professional life, others decide to “top up” their introductory studies and continue their development with an undergraduate degree. However, the main reason why many prospective students enrol in a foundation programme is that some grant access to Bachelor's degree courses. If you take a foundation degree in early years, you may catch a glimpse of the teaching system of your university abroad and also get a better feel for your chosen field of study.

What can a foundation degree do for my career?

In a way, a foundation degree course lets you “try before you buy” a certain academic discipline. This is a great option for students who still aren’t sure if their new chosen direction is the right choice. What preparatory courses offer is practical class work, advice from teachers and the exact academic tools you’ll get to use during your Bachelor’s studies?

In many cases, changing disciplines may become an issue if you want to enrol in a specialised university programme. This is why an academic foundation programme will offer you the information you need in order to decide whether this new professional road is suitable for you.

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International preparation courses have many advantages for students looking for a career change. Here are some of them:

  • You can emphasise the skills you’ve gained during the course by adding them to your CV
  • You can apply for financial aid programmes for your university preparation programme
  • If you dream of a UK foundation programme or one from another country, the government usually offers support, when it comes to administrative details
  • The preparation course will add up to your skills and knowledge and the university application will diminish the culture shock
  • A preparation course will give you new perspectives upon disciplines and a sample from your future university programme.
  • You can even take an English speaking course, which will turn out to be useful, regardless of your career track.

Here are some options that might come in handy, depending on the study track you may want to follow:

Pick the right preparation course, try it out and embark on your future professional life!

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