Foundation Degrees that Will Get You into Top Australian Universities in 2019

Did you know that a foundation degree taken in Australia can get you accepted to one of the top universities in the country? This is thanks to the policy of many international universities that permit students completing an international foundation year at a university in Australia to be accepted for an academic degree if they meet the grade requirements.

If you’re an international student coming to Australia, you may need to take a foundation degree to cover the knowledge gap between your home academic system and the one on the Australian continent.

Find foundation degrees in Australia

Why not plan your future to both complete your academic year preparation, but also get accepted to some of the best universities in the country?

The best universities in Australia offering international preparation courses

We used three of the top internationally recognised rankings to determine the top universities you could aim for after completing your international study year. These include the prestigious World University Rankings (by Times Higher Education), the Academic Ranking of World Universities (by Shanghai University) and QS Rankings.

The Australian universities highest up in international rankings feature:

1. Australian National University, Canberra

Originally created as an international research university, the Australian National University had over 22,000 students in 2015. The university is currently run by a Nobel laureate who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011.

2. Monash University, Melbourne

Monash University currently has 47,000 undergraduates and 20,000 graduate students, five campuses in Australia, and one in Malaysia, a teaching centre in Italy, a research school in India and a graduate school in China, ensuring a highly international learning environment.

monash university australia.jpg

Other Australian universities that are featured in top international rankings include:

All the top Australian universities mentioned above offer international foundation years to help international students integrate to the academic life of the country. Most preparation courses at Australian universities are offered at pre-Bachelor level, so it would be easier to get into a top university if your aim is an undergraduate programme.

Popular foundation course subjects offered by top universities in Australia

By searching the extensive foundation degree database on PreparationCoursesPortal, we have made a list of the most popular subjects of preparation courses offered by top Australian universities. Increase your chances of being admitted to some of the best universities in Australia by choosing a subject covered by the international pathway curricula of the institutions.

Here are the main disciplines you can take for university preparation in top universities in Australia and what you’ll study:

  • Foundation in commerce/accounting: include classes in mathematics, microeconomics, accounting principles, statistics, introductory marketing and management principles;
  • Foundation in science: classes in mathematics, physics, computing, engineering principles, scientific communication;
  • Foundation in business: classes in principles of economics, new technology, business and society, business law, marketing principles, management and organisation, and more;
  • Foundation in computer science & IT: classes in algebra, introductory programming, web development, databases, business information systems;
  • Foundation in engineering: training in physics, chemistry, computer science, materials technology, analogue/digital electronics;
  • Foundation in health science: studies in chemistry, anatomy, physiology, health challenges.

In addition to specific course classes, most Australian pre-Bachelors and pre-Masters include training to help with international student academic and cultural integration: communication skills, technology laboratory work, learning at university, project management, academic English, and more.

Compare foundation degrees in Australia

Introductory pathways offered by the top Australian universities above also include preparation for other subjects like: liberal studies, arts, hotel management, fashion design, media and communication, international tourism, biosciences, education, and more. All you need to do now is choose the right career path and start your preparation for a degree in a top university in Australia. Good luck!

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