What Courses Should I Take to Prepare for Business School?

Getting accepted to an international business school is no easy task and it will require a lot of work to make your management dreams come true. The right Business & Management foundation degree, whether a Management pre-Bachelor, a pre-Master in Economics and Finance, or a regular pre-MBA can make the difference from being accepted or rejected to a prestigious business school in the UK, USA, or Australia, among other famous destinations.

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What you should expect from your preparation courses for Business school

There’s a lot of preparation that can go into your business school admission abroad, especially if you’re planning on applying for an MBA degree.

Business school admission pre-Bachelors and pre-Masters offer well-rounded foundation preparation that gets students ready to apply for good university undergraduate or graduate degrees. Here is some of the most important training you will receive during your business pre-university preparation:

  • Simulated GMAT and GRE Practice Exams for future MBA students;
  • Business school application assistance from experts on career goals, university application, and various academic matters;
  • IELTS or TOEFL English training – to ensure that students meet management school admission requirements;
  • Self-assessment exercises challenge students to know themselves better and realise where they need to improve;
  • Business degree studies place high importance on technology expertise. Many pre-university business and management foundation degrees offer computer classes to help students develop their technology skills;
  • Academic skills preparation including building creative writing skills, effective communication, academic paper presentation and basic research skills;
  • Cultural immersion activities. No matter if you’re planning to study in a business school in the UK, USA or the Netherlands, you’ll adapt to a new environment thanks to social initiatives included in your business pre-Bachelor or pre-Master.

Essential technical knowledge from Management and Business prep school courses

MBA preparation places special emphasis on student technical knowledge in order to offer them a competitive first-year experience at top MBA schools abroad. Expect your business study classes to include introductions into:

  • Mathematics for Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods

Pre-MBA foundation degrees build core analytic skills while offering notions about accounting, finance, marketing, or important company operations. These classes are essential for international students with no prior knowledge of one or more of the mentioned subjects and they help build confidence for the first semester of an MBA degree.

You’ll also learn how to effectively use essential software such as Excel to set up financial modelling, or conduct capital structure research using online financial platforms like Capital IQ. Business administration prospectives are also introduced to using tools like Bloomberg Terminal for increased effectiveness once admitted to a graduate school of management programmes.

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How else to improve your chances for Business school admission?

  1. Build your network early on. Good international connections are the core of successful businesses.
  2. Get reference letters from your previous teachers to confirm your leadership qualities
  3. Making a step-by-step career plan and set clear goals.
  4. Make sure you know yourself well enough. Usually, business schools are looking for students who are neither dreamers nor inflexible corporate suits.
  5. Present consistent work experience and fill in the gaps with relevant extra-curricular activities
  6. Start thinking like a manager early on – get into the right mindset with the help of your foundation year experience
  7. Read business papers like the Wall St. Journal, The Financial Times or Businessweek.
  8. An international experience goes a long way during your business school interview process
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Specialisations a foundation course in Business can prepare you for

Whether you’re planning to follow a business pre-Bachelor or pre-Master foundation year, there is a huge amount of course variation, placing special focus on different aspects of management. Here are some of the main types of business pathway programmes you may choose from:

  • Foundation in Financial Risk Management
  • Foundation degree in Accounting, Finance, and Economics
  • Business and Humanities
  • Marketing and Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Pre-Master Business Administration (pre-MBA)
  • Business Process Innovation
  • Banking
  • Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies
  • Commerce

Top Business schools you can access with an international foundation year

Here are some top business schools providing foundation degrees in management:

In the United Kingdom

In the United States

In Australia

In other international destinations

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