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Whether you’re planning to study an engineering Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the UK to find a better job abroad, to get the best international higher education or just to get to know a foreign culture, foundation degrees in engineering are the key that will open the door to the top universities in the country. Not all international students are granted entry to these prestigious institutions, because of insufficient English skills, not meeting grade requirements or simply because the British academic system does not match the one in your home country. However, engineering preparation courses make sure you meet entry requirements, build a strong knowledge base and in most cases guarantee admission to good engineering degree courses.

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Main benefits of studying an international year in engineering in the UK
  1. University style teaching, great for adapting to the British academic life;
  2. Compact class sizes;
  3. Regular class assessment: examinations, coursework, lab work, assignments, tests, and project work.
  4. Flexible start dates;
  5. Support and advising for the next steps you need to take in your higher education abroad;
  6. English language training;
  7. General study skills like group work, how to make a presentation, time management, basic research, taking lecture notes, essays writing, etc;
  8. Adapting to the British student life and culture;
  9. In some cases, guaranteed engineering school admission.
Topics covered by engineering pathway programmes in British universities

Engineering pre-Bachelors in the UK include introductory topics for future undergraduates:

  • Computer information technology
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics, electronics and/or thermodynamics
  • Electronics
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering management

Depending on which engineering specialisation you’re aiming for, the above modules may or may not be included in the preparation degree course.

Engineering pre-Masters prepare students for more advanced degree topics such as:

  • Energy engineering
  • Medical and biomedical engineering
  • Oil and gas engineering
  • Science and computing
  • Environmental science and sustainability
Foundation engineering classes in the UK

Engineering preparation classes in top UK universities are usually split into modules students can choose depending on their future academic interests. Engineering foundation students generally spend 18-25 hours of study per week, while also having the option of additional independent preparation in university facilities. Pre-Bachelors or pre-Masters in the UK usually take one year to complete, although they do have more compact part-time study options as well.

The courses are modular and consist of core knowledge all foundation students need to cover, and additional modules specific to your chosen pathway.

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Top universities in the UK providing foundation degrees in engineering
Professional recognition after engineering school graduation

By completing a pre-university degree course in engineering international students may progress to accredited degree programmes at either 'Incorporated Engineer' or 'Chartered Engineer' level. This ensures professional recognition in Britain and promising career prospects in the UK in a wide variety of engineering jobs.

Find engineering school foundation degrees in the UK