Why Foundation Degrees are Perfect for Starting Your University Studies Start studying abroad

pre university programs.jpgThinking of studying abroad next year? Not sure what a preparation course is or if you even need to take one to study abroad? PreparationCoursesPortal is here to give you all the information you need about preparation programmes abroad and also offer you the best pre-Bachelor or pre-Master study options. (Over 2500 programmes and growing!)

Why would I need to study a preparation course?

Many prospective international students are not aware how a foundation degree can help increase their chances of being accepted to a competitive university abroad. Unfortunately, many find out they need to pursue an international foundation year only after being rejected by a university they applied for because they don’t meet grade or language requirements, or their home academic system doesn’t fully match the one in their destination country.

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However, you can also take a foundation programme if you’re not sure about pursuing a certain career path.

A few more pathway degree benefits include:

Here are other reasons for taking a pathway programme before a university degree.
Where can I study a preparation course?

The major international destinations with universities, colleges and schools offering pathway programmes include countries famous for their academic history, like the United States, the UK, Australia, but also Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, or the Netherlands.

Also, check out the top cities worldwide where you can have an unforgettable preparation year experience.

Don’t forget the best universities in the UK and Australia where you can take a foundation year programme.

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No need to worry about study options!

You can prepare for almost any subject you can think of from Bachelors to Masters offered by universities and colleges abroad.

A few course examples include:

Also, check out other unique international prep courses.

How to prepare before starting your foundation degree?

1. What type of foundation year to take?

Depending on the degree level you’re targeting, you should consider a pre-Bachelor or a pre-Master. Try a pre-Master if you already have finished a Bachelor degree and are aiming for a graduate study experience.

2. Check if you meet the entry requirements for your international foundation programme.

Read more about entry requirements for preparation courses in several countries.

3. Budget your costs.

Fees may range between 2.500 to 25.000 EUR/year depending on the university you choose.

4. Consider the time investment for your pre-university course

Most university preparation takes one year to complete, although there are accelerated 6-months options.

5. Find out the start date.

University preparation classes usually start in September, close to the start of the regular academic year. Shorter courses may begin in January.

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Here's a complete overview about all you'll need to know to study a university foundation degree.

International foundation degrees ensure you’ll take all the right steps for your future university education and successful career. Make your university enrollment easier and avoid the extra stress with the right foundation year!