Why Study for a Fashion Degree in New York City in 2019?

New York City, the largest city in the U.S., is a global hub for creativity, education, business and innovation. It is home to the most prestigious fashion houses in the United States and the world, being the cradle for the next creative style, whether it’s outfits, shoes, makeup or hairstyle. NYC is also the place where learning fashion has gone beyond apprenticeship and native imagination and has entered the study halls and classrooms.

Obtaining an international Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Fashion from a respectable NYC university will not only enable you to work in this highly competitive field, but will empower you with the knowledge, creative discipline and professional design skills necessary to work alongside the fashion titans of the world.

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Why study abroad in New York City?

New York City is one of the most attractive destinations for international students in the entire U.S., and one of the biggest educational hubs on the globe. There are many reasons why you should study abroad in New York City, but here are some of the most relevant:

1. High enrolment, lots of possibilities

The city is home to over 600,000 students, belonging to the 120 universities and higher education institutes in the area. The combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees offered by the NYC universities maintain one of the most highly educated populations in the world. The wide discipline prospects offered range from medicine, engineering, IT, theatre studies, psychology and arts, to languages and area studies.

2. Emphasis on research

Much of what constitutes new discoveries nowadays in fields like medicine, life sciences, physics, chemistry or even IT is the product of highly devoted research staff and well-funded projects from NYC’s universities and affiliated institutes. New York City boasts with having housed 127 Nobel laureates during their ground-breaking research.

Many of them, in turn, were students and graduates of one or more of the city’s reputable higher education institutions. Maybe you will be the one to add to this prestigious list by deciding to apply for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in New York City.

Scientists doing research

3. Business capital of the West

Home to the famous Wall Street district, New York city houses the busiest stock exchanges in the global market as well as some of the largest banks and financial companies in the world. This makes it not only one of the biggest concentrations of business and financial employees worldwide, but also one of the most attractive destinations for MBA graduates and business professionals around the globe.

4. Architectural “Mecca”

New York City has its own iconic architectural landmarks, widely recognised around the world as the original modern skyscrapers. The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Centre, the GE Building and many others are emblematic to the successive styles of American architecture which set the global trend in civil engineering and design.

Besides being an inspirational presence for art and architecture students and enthusiasts, the collection of wondrous buildings allows for the hustle and bustle of NYC metropolitan life.

New York City is, therefore, an ideal study destination, being more than capable and willing to cater to the most eclectic student requirements on the market.

Why study Fashion in New York City?

Among the modern arts, Fashion (and Fashion Design in particular) is probably the most marketable and dynamic. Nowhere is this more visible and relevant than in New York City, the catwalk capital of the U.S. But the “Big Apple” fashion experience goes beyond attracting the best and most inspired fashion professionals around the world.


Universities in NYC are training and nurturing the fashion talents of the future, empowering them to explore and enhance their skills. For any prospective student interested in specialising in fashion studies, but still having doubts about the validity and value of a Fashion degree, the New York City university system is the antidote. Study programmes here offer courses and majors in wide fashion-related areas such as fashion design, fashion merchandising, market design, visual merchandising, fashion studies, fine arts, design and society and many others.

Teaching Style in New York City

Universities in New York City use an up-to-date pedagogical style, displaying full awareness of modern technologies such as virtual reality, high-definition graphics design or behavioural sciences. The teaching techniques are usually interactive, highly visual and meant to stimulate creativity, imagination and artistic discipline.

Universities offering Fashion degree programmes in New York City

Career perspectives for Fashion graduates in New York City

For students graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion or studying for a Master’s in Fashion Studies, employment opportunities in NYC are surprisingly abundant. The fashion industry in New York City employs some over well-paid 180,000 people, accounting for salaries of 11 billion USD/year. This field encompasses, first of all, the clothing, footwear and accessories production. With increasing demand for custom-made products, the demand for well-trained fashion professionals has also increased. 

The connected economic branches also require specialised fashion experts, in areas such as marketing, advertising, mass media, sales or event-planning. There is also a growing market of freelance personal designers and “personal shoppers”, specialised in adapting to the fashion needs of the individual client.

The fashion industry’s attractive and lucrative perspectives also include numerous internships in companies such as M’oda ‘Operandi, United Nude, Prada and Chanel, or fashion magazines such as Antidote, Harper’s Bazaar, That, Cosmopolitan or Vogue.

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Living in New York City: accommodation and transportation

NYC’s crowded nature greatly affects the costs of living and accommodation, but there are several options for most budget categories. The city is still one of the most expensive in the U.S. and the world.

Average monthly rent for an apartment in New York City:

  • 1 Bedroom apartment in City Centre: 3,180 USD
  • 1 Bedroom apartment outside City Centre: 1,900 USD
  • 3 Bedroom apartment in City Centre: 6,200 USD
  • 3 Bedroom apartment outside City Centre: 3,200 USD

On-campus rent options:

  • Single room averages between 1,700 and 2,300 USD/month
  • Double room averages at 1,500 USD/month
  • Triple room averages at 1,300 USD/month

Transport in New York City

New York City has one of the most complex transport system networks in the world, due to the fact that it is the most populated city in the United States. Besides the two airports, JFK and Newark, NYC has a complex subway and train track system which handles millions of commuters daily. A monthly public transport pass is around 121 USD while a one-way ticket is 2.75 USD. Also, the famous “yellow cab” taxis offer a normal tariff of 1.60/km.

Tuition fees for Fashion programmes in New York City

The average tuition fees are as follows:

  • for a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion at a NYC university between 16,800 and 41,810 USD/year
  • a Master’s Degree in Fashion Studies, between 1,519 and 1,620 USD/credit for MAs
  • for interdisciplinary master’s programmes, around 2,233 USD/year

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Scholarships and financial options for studying Fashion in New York City

While studying in U.S. as an international student can be quite expensive, there are several funding options to consider. Many universities and colleges offer scholarships and grants for international students according to their SAT, GRE or GMAT score. Scholarships are available for Fashion study programmes at New York universities.

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The U.S. also awards sports scholarships but they might be harder to come by for students coming from outside the United States. There are also 'unusual' funding options and grants you could apply to in order to supplement your living allowance, so make sure to check them out as well.

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Student visa requirements for studying in the U.S.

For international students interested in applying for Fashion programmes in NYC, they will need to apply for a student visa to the US. Specific requirements may vary according to the country of origin, but the main thing to remember is that you need to provide proof of admittance to the specific study programme when applying. Check out more details about the visa application process.

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