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Accredited English Language Schools on PreparationCoursesPortal Who Are Members of English UK

English UK represents fully-accredited English language course providers all offering high standards of teaching and care. They include universities, schools, colleges and study centres in towns and cities all over the UK.


All English UK centres are accredited by Accreditation UK, a quality-assurance scheme which monitors and improves the standards of English language providers in the UK.

There are thousands of different courses at English UK centres, so every student can find the best one for their needs. Most centres teach general English and many specialise in other courses too. There are courses for teenagers and young learners, students, people who need English for their jobs, and for adults who want a study holiday.

English UK is the world's leading language teaching association. It works to raise quality standards in English teaching, to make sure all students get the best experience.

Accredited English language schools on PreparationCoursesPortal who are members of English UK:

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