Danish Government Opens Applications for 2018-2019 Study Scholarships

If you’re from Brazil, China, Egypt, Japan, South Korea or Russia and you want to study in the happiest country on Earth for free, now’s your chance.

The Danish Government has opened the application for scholarships under cultural agreements for students and young researchers who want to do part of their studies in Denmark. The scholarships mainly target Master’s and PhD. students and allow them to spend up to a year at a Danish university.

The fields of studies where most foreign exchange students are likely to be accepted are:

Bachelor’s students can also apply, but only if they already have studied Danish for two years, because the scholarship only applies for undergraduate studies in Danish Language and Literature.

The application deadline is on the 1st of March 2018.

study in Denmark

The scholarships do not only include free tuition but also a monthly stipend of EUR/870, that you can use for travel costs, visa costs, accommodations and other living expenses. That should have you covered as living costs in Denmark are estimated at about 750-900 EUR/month.

Which Danish universities should you consider for doing part of your studies?

Well, you should go for the ones featured in international rankings:

Considering that non-EU/ EEA students pay at least 6,000 EUR/year for university tuition, these scholarships are definitely an offer you cannot refuse. 

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Reasons to study in Denmark

Just in case you are not yet convinced that Denmark is a great study destination, here are some of the main reasons to consider:

  • Denmark is one of the most environmental friendly countries
  • Degrees from Danish universities are recognised worldwide
  • The Danish higher education style is focused on your development
  • Student life in Denmark is affordable
  • Danish universities focus on research and innovation

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