Best Universities in the Netherlands 2019 - Rankings and Student Reviews

The Netherlands is an almost adorably small country. Covering only 41.500 square km, and with a population of a little over 17 million, it’s amazing it is such a big player on the board of international education.

And, seriously, it has 14 ranked universities, and they are on really impressive spots on the international lists, so we definitively recommend studying here, there’s no doubt about that.

But where should YOU study in the Netherlands, though?

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Rankings vs. Reviews: what’s best?

Ok, let’s tackle these 2 subjects.

University rankings are a set of lists made every year, where universities are arranged in an ascending order, from the very best to the least impressive ones. These rankings can be arranged on overall greatness, discipline, country, number of international students, and so on, but it is an order that depends on statistics.

Does it really mean anything if 74% of the students found jobs 6 months after graduation if you are in the percentage that has problems with their work visa?

This is where reviews come in handy. Nothing can beat some real-life experiences, from real-life students, who studied and went through a lot during their student years. Yes, some may be too personal, or some can’t really catch the true feeling of studying in that particular uni, but it’s still a bit better than simply reading some numbers.

Best ranked universities in the Netherlands

The top 14 ranked universities in the Netherlands, in order, are:

And, pro-tip, if you check out the links, you will see the rankings, as well as the ratings from students, and some of the latest reviews on our portals.

Also, other universities we recommend, that are not ranked, but deserve a shout out, are:

Student life in the Netherlands, overall

Studying in the Netherlands is an amazing experience, and not only because the country is gorgeous and the cultural landscape is as international as it gets.

Applying to a degree in the Netherlands is super easy and student-friendly, the costs of living are very reasonable, and the visa application process is fair and not as complicated as for some other countries.

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Studying in the Netherlands, through the eyes of international students

  • Kanika Garg, from India

“Faculty in the department is well versed with the subjects they are teaching and their willingness to spend time and extract the best of the students’ capabilities. Along with that, all faculty members are very motivating. What I like most is that it makes you strive for the best.”   

  • Sara Horvat, from Hungary

“I can only say good things about the staff. The teachers are not only experts in their fields but always open to meetings. They are always kind and helpful.” 

  • Talitha Rahmawati, from Indonesia

“This is my first time studying abroad, and everything in Wageningen meets all my expectation. The lectures are very helpful and communicate in very interactive ways, while the people are very friendly and open to international students like me. Overall, studying in Wageningen is incredible. You'll get tremendous experience once you come here. Besides, you can travel easily to the whole country since it's located in the middle of the Netherlands.”   

  • Mailys, from France

“Students are very open-minded and engaged for multiple environmental, social and political causes and there are lots of opportunities to engage in associations, workshops, debates or guest lectures. The city is small but mostly constituted of students, which makes it a very nice experience in a rural yet not boring area. 100% recommended.”    

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Now that you have heard the opinions of other students and have a general idea of what to look for in a Dutch university, good luck applying and have fun in your international experience!

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