Best Criminal Justice Schools in the US. University Rankings 2020

As we strive to progress and improve our society, we cannot neglect certain aspects, like crime, injustice, and violence. Even though we remain far away from eliminating such damaging behaviours, a lot of effort is invested in understanding the actions of criminals and the role played by family and society in their development.

Until we create a utopian non-violent society, criminal justice systems are essential to maintain order and deliver punishments to people who break rules and disrupt the normal functioning of human communities.

If you want to study a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, these are the best schools in the United States:

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Student reviews of the best criminal justice schools in the US

The academic experience is different from one university to another. That’s why we encourage you to check out student reviews and learn more about the on-campus life and professors before choosing a school for Criminal Justice studies.

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Liberty University

“The classes were challenging. The teachers were great. They had good knowledge of the material, relevant experience in their respective fields, with impressive CVs in many cases. Peers were very professional and competitive, for the most part, which challenged me to do my best. The school is definitely of high quality, and the only reason they have not received their due reputation-wise is because of their religious stance.”

Northeastern University

“Choosing to study at Northeastern University has been the best decision of my life. The opportunities at my school are endless. I spent my first Semester in London and now I am planning to go abroad to Madrid. The faculty and advisors are extremely helpful and truly care about their students’ futures.

I even did a co-op which is where I take a semester off and intern at my work of choice, so I picked a top law firm in Boston! It was an amazing experience and I could not have done it without Northeastern.”

University of Florida

“UF has been one of the best experiences in my life. It is one of the best public schools in America. It’s a small college town, the campus is so beautiful to walk around. You meet a lot of students that want to succeed which inspires you to also study hard.”

University of Miami

“My personal experience while studying at this university was excellent. I learned a lot and I was passionate which I believe is the most important, passion for your career and show interest in what you really want to learn. Take best out of it to become a successful professional in your area and what you love.”

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