Top 9 Reasons to Study Computer Science or IT

by Aisling Goodey

If you're passionate about technology and want to study abroad, a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science & IT might be the perfect choice for you. Of course, you don't need to go ahead and apply just because we've said so. To help you decide, go through our top 9 reasons to study Computer Science or IT.

1. There are plenty of jobs in the IT field!

Okay, okay, yes it's true: countries around the world are still experiencing a recession; and yes that usually means fewer jobs. But, fear not! Computer Science and IT seems to be the exception to the rule. In fact, the job market for Computer Science and IT jobs is constantly growing!

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2. A job in IT guarantees high pay

This one's related to reason number 1. Not only is there a constant stream of job offers for Computer Science and IT positions; these jobs also offer excellent and competitive pay for starting salaries.

3. Excellent job satisfaction

That’s right! Money isn't the only bonus to getting a job in Computer Science or IT. This sector has one of the highest rates of job satisfaction around. It’s true that job satisfaction has taken a big hit recently, but even so, a recent study in the UK found that the job satisfaction in IT is double that of the national average for other work sectors. Still pretty positive if you ask me!

4. It’s incredibly diverse

Yep, it’s not just about desktop PCs. Even within the more mainstream computing industry, there’s a huge range of career options: programming, database management, networking and desktop support. But graduates from computing/IT programmes are also prepared to specialise in far wider areas of interest.

Computer technology is part of nearly everything nowadays! Ever thought of biotechnology, nanotechnology or robotics? A degree in computing could lead to any one of these fields!

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5. What you study will be applied all over the world

So much of computer science is practical. But that doesn’t mean it's all heavy lifting and manual grunt work. You don’t have to just learn and understand theories, you often get to make things, change things and actually apply what you've learned everywhere. Every single day, people all over the world will use things that you help create, and you'll understand exactly how it all works.

6. You can earn money while you study

Go freelance! You’ll start picking up key skills in computing right from the beginning. So set yourself up in your local area as IT support, web development, or whatever else so that you gain even more skills while you study. It’s a nice money maker while you're managing your punishing student budget. If you want to focus more on your job you can consider pursuing an online Bachelor's in IT.

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7. Problem-solving skills will guide you for the rest of your life

What can I say: it helps you think. Try and pick an argument with a computer scientist, I dare you! Logic and problem-solving help in everyday life. And in computer science, you sharpen these skills every day.

8. You’ll become a family celebrity!

Okay, so some days this doesn't sound like such a positive reason. But, with this field, your family and friends will admire your knowledge and count on you to fix all of their computing problems. Help mom with the Google, please, she can't figure it out.

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9. Plenty of good online IT Masters

If you're still not sure about going to study Computer Science abroad is the right move, perhaps you'll find online Masters more appealing. There are plenty of good options from international universities such as:

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