Milestones English Academy

Milestones English Academy

Milestones English Academy has been created to provide a premium educational experience. Located in Melbourne CBD, the learning experience is easily accessible from all around the city.

Top reasons to study here

  • The variety of English courses have been carefully designed to benefit and assist your needs.
  • Teachers from England, Australia and other English speaking countries are qualified to make your learning a priority.
  • The main purpose is to make your experience in Australia extraordinary!

Preparation Courses



  • Milestones offers flexible start dates for all our courses so you can start any Monday that you want.
  • Students can choose between day and night classes.
  • The class sizes are smaller than other schools - maximum of 18 students in a class.


Milestones will help you:

  • Create a good CV
  • Write a covering letter
  • Prepare for a job interviews
  • Register on job search websites


Student services

The friendly staff can help you with many problems you might face when you first arrive in Australia. Milestones understand that your first experience of living in a foreign country can be difficult, so we offer advice on many issues such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Looking for work
  • Traveling to school
  • Opening a bank account
  • Getting a mobile phone
  • Dealing with homesickness

Student Life

Campus life

Melbourne campus is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD surrounded by excellent public transport. Free trams, buses and trains (including Flinders St Station and Southern Cross station) are just a stroll away.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia