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Study anywhere in the world with the University of London. Academic direction of our degrees is provided by world-class institutions, including LSE, UCL, and King’s College, London. You can also receive local face-to-face study support. We work with a number of teaching centres around the world that are approved to support our courses.

Preparation Courses

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Founded in 1836, the University of London made higher education available to women and those unable to pursue traditional forms of study. In 1858, we became the birthplace of long distance learning, allowing students outside of London to study for world-class degrees all around the world.


Our courses and study materials are designed by the renowned member institutions of the University of London. These institutions have an international reputation for their teaching and research, providing the strongest academic credibility for our awards.

As you are assessed by these institutions, it means your degree is of the same standard as those received on-campus in London. The high standing of our qualifications will be valued and recognised by universities, employers and specific professional and statutory bodies.


The University of London’s academic community pursues and achieves excellence. Teaching materials are created and maintained by experienced and motivated researchers who are eminent in their fields.

Many of our member institutions and research institutes have achieved top rankings in the UK Research Exercise Framework and are consistently high performers on the UK and global stage.


The Careers Group includes over 150 careers and employability professionals and consultants. The majority are based within the London-based member institutions, providing expertise and experience to support undergraduates and postgraduates, staff and graduates. 

Equally, many of the teaching centres that support our courses offer bespoke careers services that are relevant to the local environment. These sometimes involve partnerships with local employers.

Former students have won Nobel prizes, governed countries, and written great works of literature. They also work in the legal profession, in finance and banking, and as business leaders and managers.


Student services

The University and its member institutions are all committed to providing first-class educational opportunities to anyone who could benefit from them.

A range of services are also offered by local teaching centres, including student support, events, housing services, and extra-curricular activities. It is advisable to search for local centres on the University of London website and investigate their services.

Housing services

All University of London students can apply to live in our Intercollegiate Halls. The larger member institutions have their own halls. The University of London Housing Services can also offer advice to students and staff seeking accommodation in the private sector.

Overseas, some of our approved teaching centres offer accommodation as part of their services.

Library services

Students gain access to the online library, which holds thousands of journal articles. A dedicated helpdesk is provided to help students find what they need.

Those able to visit London may also receive access to Senate House Library and (for social sciences) the LSE library.

Many of the local teaching centres we work with around the world also offer library services and access to course texts.

ICT services

The University advises students of the minimum computer / IT requirements on each of its course pages. Assistance is also available for use of the Student Portal and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Medical services

There are many GP practices near to the University of London campus. Each has a broad catchment area and experience in offering relevant services to students. Students working towards a University of London degree in their home country can continue to use local services.

Student Life

Campus life

The University of London’s 18 member institutions are located in and around London, each with various shops, banks, and businesses relevant to the student population.

The majority of our programmes are offered by distance and flexible learning. Many of our teaching centres based around the world provide additional teaching support and many of the benefits of campus life.

Sports facilities

The University of London offers high-quality sporting facilities for students based in London. As a student of the University of London, you are automatically entitled to membership of Student Central, which gives you access to sports, networking, training, and social events.

Overseas, many of our teaching centres offer sports facilities as part of their services.

Student clubs

University of London students registered at Student Central can obtain a comprehensive list of clubs and societies including dance, general interest, indoor and outdoor sports, music and religious groups.

Many of our local teaching centres offer a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities. These range from sports to debating to moot court practice.


Accreditation details vary by programme. Examples include the Master’s in Professional Accountancy (accredited by ACCA) and the Global MBA (accredited by CMI and CIMA).

London, England, United Kingdom