The Kurus English team aims to encourage, guide and support your language learning; providing you with platforms of language-learning opportunities, inviting exploration into language, culture and discovery – the Kurus English way. For more information check the school website.
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The Language Excursions extend deep into the fascinating and wonderful cultural diversity that is Cape Town’s soul. Memorable encounters await you with people from various cultures, as well as lots of fun. With Kurus English you will experience Cape Town in a unique way: it will be really up close and definitely personal!

About Location

Kurus English in situated in one of the most beautiful areas right in the centre of Cape Town. The school is handsomely housed in a National Heritage Building; a beautiful and entirely appropriate home and setting for any language-learning endeavour. Fresh, colourful rooms with modern equipment characterise the friendly and informal atmosphere of the small private school.

Teaching Method

Classes are held on any one of the 6 language levels, with a maximum of 8 students per class. Relevant to your current personal language level, you will be placed in a class evaluated to best suit you. At Kurus English, the team celebrates the energy, passion and ambience that is part of life, living and learning in Cape Town. Kurus teachers are highly qualified with a teaching degree and/or a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults from the University of Cambridge).


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Social Programme

The Cape Town and the environment that Kurus English promotes in the light of its languages, its cultures and its discovery opportunities, is truly the capital of cultural diversity. The many and varied historical legacies of people provide social, historical and musical occasions for language interaction.


Kurus English provides its students with information about what is happening in Cape Town and surroundings. In addition, a combination of events, restaurants, cinemas, wineries, markets, golf courses, and bars are being selected and made into a social calendar. All to ensure that every student who visits, experiences a wonderful and, indeed, unforgettable time in Cape Town and at Kurus English.


The Language Excursions extend meaningfully into the city, its people and its environs; they provide language practice and enrichment through excursions into the scenic splendour of the city, its social, cultural and historical richness and the magnificent landscapes that surround it. Day and weekend trips are being offered which the students can book.