The indigenous Australian people from the south-west coast of Australia, the Noongar, describe their territory as Alunga. Roughly translated, it means the "place with a lot of sun". But this translation does not do this metropolis justice, since Perth is also so full of energy. For more information check the school website.
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Culture, education, business and tradition collide to form a complex melting pot - the ideal basis for a language stay in Australia. A language study abroad in Perth means you will have new and motivating stimuli for your language learning every single day. And, of course, more sunny days than in any other Australian city! You will certainly never get bored during your language study abroad in Perth, the cultural centre of Australia's west coast.

About Location

In addition to the Concert Hall, there are some outstanding art and natural history museums in the Perth Cultural Centre in the cultural district In the spring, the University of Western Australia also hosts the Perth International Arts Festival where there is something to discover all over the city, in the parks and the "hidden corners" exhibitions. Perth is also an ideal place for water sports fans — a paradise for windsurfing, divers and sailors. On your language study abroad, not only does each day bring new stimuli and impetus for learning the English language, but you will also find time and space for relaxation 

Teaching Method

Our courses are designed to empower you to become a confident and effective communicator in international settings. Get your personal language and communication training and develop your skills for studying, working and living in a foreign language and culture.
In all courses you will:

  • learn the most important grammar and vocabulary for your needs
  • learn spoken language & communication skills
  • learn written language & communication skills
  • learn ways of learning more effectively and develop your self-study skills
  • enlarge your personal & social capabilities
  • learn to be a powerful, social, digital and professional communicator in a multi-cultural environment.

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