The sun sets slowly, casting a surreal pink and violet explosion of colour across the sky. On the sandy beach under the palm trees, in the city behind the impressive skyline, in restaurants, bars, cafés, theatres and on the streets, another legendary night in Miami is beginning — the city where everything is louder, more colourful, more imposing, and more intense.  For more information check the school website.
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The stage is set for a language study abroad in a city that's in a class of its own. The name Miami is derived from an American Indian language meaning "large body of water". As is so often the case, the American Indians chose a particularly appropriate name, since the 'Grass River' just a few centimetres deep, flows through the breathtakingly beautiful Everglades in the surroundings of Miami beside the Gulfstream. But Miami is much more than a city by the water It is a multicultural melting pot of Caribbean, Cuban, Latino and Afro-Amencan fashion, music and culture It is one of the most exclusive backdrops for a unique language study abroad. 

About Location

A particularly beautiful stage for your language study abroad is Little Havana with its welcoming atmosphere of warm colours, Cuban music and lifestyle. Quite different, but no less exciting, is the Miami Design District Here; aesthetics are the key, whether it concerns furniture or whole buildings This district has devoted itself to all things beautiful and special, and a walk through this district is never boring. The many sights are also great to use as conversation topics so you can practice English so much you get to know it like the back of your hand. 

Teaching Method

Our courses are designed to empower you to become a confident and effective communicator in international settings. Get your personal language and communication training and develop your skills for studying, working and living in a foreign language and culture.
In all courses you will:

  • learn the most important grammar and vocabulary for your needs
  • learn spoken language & communication skills
  • learn written language & communication skills
  • learn ways of learning more effectively and develop your self-study skills
  • enlarge your personal & social capabilities
  • learn to be a powerful, social, digital and professional communicator in a multi-cultural environment.

Preparation Programmes

English preparation programmes

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