Have you ever heard of Santa Barbara? The Californian city is easier to overlook than many other ostentatious skylines of larger cities in the USA. But that is precisely why a language study abroad in this wonderful city is worth it. For Santa Barbara does not stand out because of large buildings; instead, it stands out because of its amazing atmosphere and exquisite quality of life. For more information check the school website.
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Charming, narrow stone steps lead to the dream-like Santa Barbara beaches. You are more likely to cross paths with a star from the American film or music industry here than in many of the other big cities across America. Due to its unique charm, Santa Barbara has become one of the most expensive places to live in the USA, aside from the Silicon Valley. Away from the celebrities, there are also numerous students and families in this coastal city who breathe life into the promenades, bars and restaurants. In short Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful settings for a successful language study abroad!

About Location

After the earthquake in 19257 the city planners decided to rebuild Santa Barbara in a Spanish style. For this reason, no building in the coastal city is permitted to be higher than two storeys high. The best place to view the city is therefore from the court house in the centre of the city. From the viewing platform 30 metres up, you can see a very special side to Santa Barbara, which is defined by the many red clay brick roofs, numerous palm trees and the coastline. But, Santa Barbara is more than just beautiful to look at. One of the branches of the University of California, UC Santa Barbara, attracts a lot of students to the city, which impacts the culture, art and diversity of the city.

Teaching Method

Our courses are designed to empower you to become a confident and effective communicator in international settings. Get your personal language and communication training and develop your skills for studying, working and living in a foreign language and culture.
In all courses you will:

  • learn the most important grammar and vocabulary for your needs
  • learn spoken language & communication skills
  • learn written language & communication skills
  • learn ways of learning more effectively and develop your self-study skills
  • enlarge your personal & social capabilities
  • learn to be a powerful, social, digital and professional communicator in a multi-cultural environment.