Students at EC Montreal enjoy cultural events, entertainment, fabulous shopping and a vibrant nightlife. The worlds largest bilingual city, Montreal is rich in European charm with a unique English and French cultural mix. For more information check the school website.
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At EC, every step in the students language-learning journey counts.

EC follows a communicative approach combined with a curriculum developed by industry professionals with combined experience of over 30 years, and based on measurable data collected from students. 

This means as you engage with the language, you will also learn a lot about your classmates and different cultures around the world, all within an English context! 

About Location

Enjoy amazing cultural events and entertainment, such as the world-famous 'Cirque du Soleil', fabulous shopping and vibrant nightlife.

An excellent transport system is linked to a bustling underground city, and just an hour away, the Laurentian Mountains offer opportunities for sporting activities in both winter and summer.

EC Montreal is an airy, modern school located in the heart of the city, where students can choose to learn French, English or both.

Teaching Method

To give an engaging and relevant framework to learning, each lesson will focus on a specific topic, which will vary from current affairs to everyday issues. Your professional and friendly teachers will select topics that create interest, discussion and debate in the class.

As well as taking an active part in classroom discussions, you will work on your language skills in small groups, pairs or individually on tasks and projects. And as you learn correct English pronunciation, increase your vocabulary, work on your grammar and improve your sentence construction, you will find you become able to express yourself in an accurate and appropriate way.


  • 23 modern classrooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Student lounge
  • Self-study area
  • Library facilities
  • Student computers
  • Café in building
  • Kitchen area


  • Lecture Series

Practise listening and note-taking skills in a real-life setting with a teacher or another native English speaker.

  • Pronunciation Clinic

Choose from general pronunciation clinics for all students and clinics targeted at specific accents.


  • Homestay
  • Varity 515 Shared Apartment

Social Programme

Get the best from your destination and make the most of your time.

As an EC student, you will be invited to a free welcome event and enjoy a varied calendar of social and leisure activities throughout your stay. 

  • Conversation Class

Join a group conversation with a teacher or native English speaker to discuss an issue of interest.

  • Movies

Enjoy free movies with discussion and comprehension activities.


  • Movie Afternoon

Watch and discuss a movie with other students.

  • Taste of Montreal

Learn about and taste local foods with the monthly food events.

  • Fitness Class

Stay in shape with exercise classes in school.

  • Cinéma

Watch a film and discuss it afterwards.

Please note: All activities are subject to change without notice and may be offered seasonally.